What are some major benefits of laser treatment?

November 22, 2017

Comfort – Since laser light is used to perform the procedure, you’ll feel more comfortable and relaxed in the chair without the sound of the drill. Also, you’ll feel no pain from the drill’s vibration or heat generation.
Less Anesthesia – For many patients, the best part of laser dentistry may be—no more needles! For routine appointments or surgery, the need for anesthesia may be reduced or even eliminated.
Reduced Bleeding – Bleeding is minimized and the need for sutures all but eliminated.
Short and Comfortable Healing – Post-operative pain, discomfort and swelling are minimized, as laser accuracy assures minimal trauma to nearby tissue, and faster overall recovery.

Dental lasers are ideal for the challenging treatment of:

Children – due to reduced need for anesthesia and shortened chair time.
Seniors and high-risk patients—due to maximum control of bleeding and post-op infections.

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