Sleep Related Breathing Disorder Oral Appliances – Children and Adults

June 11, 2020

Did you know that we specialize in assisting both children and adults that struggle with sleep related breathing disorders?

These types of disorders, simply put, are disruptions in a normal breathing pattern.  And, YES!  Children, as well as adults, can suffer from these disruptions!

Common signs include:  daytime sleepiness, snoring, grinding, choking and even observed or witnessed apneas (where the person temporarily stops breathing) while napping or sleeping.

What is the answer?

Oral appliance therapy is the best and most appropriate treatment for mild to moderate sleep apnea.

Even patients who have been previously diagnosed with severe sleep apnea, and can not tolerate a CPAP machine, can and will benefit from a custom-made oral appliance.

Does your child snore?  Grind?  Have crooked teeth or underdeveloped oral arches?

These are all signs of poor mouth development and sleep breathing issues that could follow them into adulthood if not properly treated!

Oral appliance therapy is available for anyone suffering, at any age.

Pacifiers and thumb-sucking can be replaced with an infant chewing “brush” or a soft and comfortable device that helps strengthen your child’s lips, tongue and surrounding muscles.


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