Dentures & Partials

November 27, 2017

Dentures are removable replacements for missing teeth and are custom made to resemble your natural teeth. Dentures may be a complete set, in the event of total tooth loss, or partial when some natural teeth remain. Ask Dr. Ridge how dentures can help restore your smile and help you regain your confidence.

Valplast Thermoplastic Removable Partial Dentures provide an ideal balance between functionality and appearance because they fit around natural teeth without the obvious metalwork that accompanied older appliances. The high quality material used in Valplast Thermoplastic Removable Partial Dentures is more comfortable to wear and bends naturally with the mouth. A tighter, more comfortable fit can provide the freedom to eat and speak without fear or discomfort. Valplast also matches the natural color of existing teeth better than other materials, providing a confident smile that does not expose the signs of dental work.

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